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5 Common Problems and Solutions for Sliding Glass Doors

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Oct 12, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Known for letting refreshing streams of light into the home, sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to many southwest Florida homes. Whether you have a patio, balcony, or deck, sliding glass doors also provide easy outdoor access to the warm Florida air. As with any welcome addition, the doors do occasionally need minor repair or replacement. To help homeowners, we compiled a list of 5 common sliding glass door problems and repairs.

Bent Track

A bent mental impede the sliding of your glass door. If the tracks are bent inward, they will pinch the roller and stop the door from moving. If the tracks are bent outward, you may accidentally pull the door right off the track. For an inward bend, use a pair of strong pliers to bend the track back into place. If the tracks are bent out, get a rubber mallet and small block of wood. Place the block of wood against the bent track, and carefully hammer the track back into place. The block of wood will distribute the force of the blow to a broader area, but always be sure to tap gently and remove the door to prevent major damages.

Dirty Rollers

The rollers are the part of the bottom part of the door that allow it to easily slide along the track. If you are finding it very difficult to slide the door open and closed, the rollers may just be dirty. If the rollers are dirty, attach the thin crevice tool to your vacuum and use it to remove any major debris. After vacuuming, take a wet paper towel and scrub away any of the dirt that was left.

Wheels Need Adjustment

If the rollers on your sliding glass door are offline, the whole door will jump off the track. To repair this problem, you will need to adjust the bottom screws holding the roller wheels in place. To raise the door, turn the screws clockwise. To lower the door, turn the screws counterclockwise. For an even adjustment, make sure to adjust both sides of the sliding glass door.

Rusted or Broken Roller

The salty Florida air can be tough on the sliding glass door rollers. Unfortunately, repairing the roller is no easy task. You will need to remove both the stationary door and the sliding glass door. Once the sliding glass door is removed, unscrew the roller and take it to your local hardware store and purchase a new roller. Once you install the new roller, re-mount the sliding glass door and adjust the wheels to the correct height. Finally re-mount the stationary doors and take the proper steps to secure the door.

Broken Glass

A broken glass door is not only a safety concern, but it can also leave your home vulnerable to potential criminals. Repairing the glass door requires you to remove the glass from the seal, clean up more broken pieces, and then fit and seal a new window. This can be time consuming, and pose a risk of injury and expensive costs if you make an error.

Save time and money with a professional

Although there are many projects around the home that are perfect for a Saturday afternoon, repairing a sliding glass door may end up being a time-consuming and overly difficult task. Instead of causing more problems for yourself with a DIY fix, call the professionals at Storm Solutions. We have the experience you need for all of your sliding glass door replacements and repairs.

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