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10 Ways to Prepare Before a Hurricane Strikes

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Feb 22, 2019 12:41:00 PM

If you’re looking up ways to prepare for a hurricane, you’re in the right place. While hurricane prep can seem like a daunting task, it’s vital in protecting your family from increment rains, winds and flooding.

Get ahead of the storm by preparing with these ten tips:

1. Sign Up for Alerts

Follow your local weather channel on your smartphone and enroll in inclement weather alerts. While actively monitoring these channels is also an options, having warnings sent directly to you allows for time to prepare.

Do you know the difference between an “advisory,” a “watch” and a “warning?” It’s one thing to hear about an impending storm, but it’s another to understand the severity. Here’s some weather terms you should be aware of.

2. Reassess Your Insurance Coverage

Living in SWFL, you’re likely in a flood zone. Hop over to FEMA to check. Almost every homeowners insurance excludes flood coverage, so you’ll need to take out a seperate policy to protect the inside of your home from storm surge and wicked rain.

There’s nothing worse than being forced to front the bill for damage because of insufficient insurance. Here’s a few ways to ensure you have the right coverage.  

3. Prepare Your Emergency Kit

There’s a number of ways a brutal storm can affect your family and your home, but oftentimes homeowners are forced to wait it out from the safety of their home.

A properly stocked disaster supply kit includes more than just a few cans of vegetables and a flashlight. Some more obvious things are forgotten— like packing a can opener to actually be able to eat, and more. Download Ready’s recommended supplies list here.Hurricane Forming

4. Discuss an Evacuation Plan

In the event of a high category storm, you may be advised to evacuate the area. If you can’t get far, be sure to download the American Red Cross’ Shelter Finder app to find a safe space nearest you.

For safe routes, the Department of Transportation or Office of Emergency Management will map out the best roads to take should disaster strike.

5. Protect Your Important Documents

Here’s an entire blog devoted to protecting your important documents from natural disasters. It outlines where is best to keep your birth certificates, passports, deeds and more as well as how to ensure you all your files are properly backed up.

6. Hurricane-Proof Your Property

We have a full list of things to do to hurricane-proof the outside of your home, but our best recommendation is to think “wind.” Forceful winds can hurl items at your windows and siding, damaging everything in its path.

Safeguard openings like doors and windows with impact-resistant coverings and strap down even heavy equipment, like boats.


7. Consider Switching to Hurricane-Tested Windows & Doors

Do you know if your home’s current windows and doors are truly hurricane-resistant? Here’s a way to check. Not only can investing the storm tested products grant you greater peace of mind come bad weather, but impact windows can also help with improved energy-efficiency, noise reduction and more. Check out these seven benefits of switching to hurricane-proof windows.

8. Keep Everything Sealed up Tight

You may have heard advice to crack open your windows during a storm to stabilize pressure inside of your home, but this is a very bad idea and a common hurricane preparation myth. Strong winds can invite in moisture and debris.

9. Invest in a Standby Generator

Backup generators are permanent fixtures that standby, waiting for a disruption in power. If a wicked hurricane knocks down your power lines and puts you in the dark, many automatic standbys will kick on automatically. Learn more about how backup generators work and determining the right wattage for you home here.

Atlas Armor Gladiator Screen

10. Have a Damage Plan

Sometimes even the most prepared homes are no match for a brutal natural disaster. Reduce your level of worry by understanding what exactly you can do if your home experiences flooding or property damage. Check out our article on ten things to do at first sight of storm damage.

It’s Smart to Prepare Ahead

All these ideas are helpful for preparing for a hurricane and can grant you better peace of mind and flexibility. While most of these tasks you can do yourself, installing storm-safe windows and doors isn’t one of them.

If forced to get hurricane-safe products in a hurry, you’ll not only feel rushed and stressed, but you’ll also likely have to front more money for rushed installation.

Give our team at Storm Solutions a call at (239) 288-0894 to set up a consultation, today, before inclement weather strikes.

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